26 November, 2009

More progress....

The scene is getting closer, now all I need to do setting wise is add some muddy spots in the mid-ground and a pole for the swing in the foreground. Once animated, there will be particle effects for smoke coming out of the cottage, and for a mud monster that will rise out of one of the puddles. Oh and the door needs some texture as well.

Also, the clouds will pass by during the animation and the scene will go from happy and bright to a bit more ominous, sort of like the two images below (yellowy tint now fixed). Was messing around and I found that if you rotate the sky box, the HDRI image actually changes the lighting in the scene directionally, based off the image... or something like that. Don't really understand it but it's pretty cool! Also there will be some cloud alphas off screen to cast shadows.

One weird thing that I need to do something about is, from the images below, when it's darker the shadow is darker as well, which is a little odd.

09 November, 2009

2nd Semester Project

So here's the current progress of the scene for second semester, from the image in the post before.

02 November, 2009

Semester 2 pre-pro

So, this is my pre-production so far for the second semester project. As you can see it has kind of moved past 'thumb' stage, which is what was due, and become a full on look and feel. Which I shouldn't be spending my time on, seeing as how I haven't even finished modeling my character for the first semester project. But this was way more fun. Should finish it soon I hope.

BTW, that pole thing in the foreground is part of a swing that the character will be... swinging on. And pretend that there is a door and a window on the cottage and that the roof is made of hay or something and that there is smoke coming out of the chimney. And pretend that the sky is blue.