26 April, 2010

PRJ 350 Final Update

Just a quick update, the final taken to finish. Added the mandatory DP logo, and some sounds as well. The main goal with the sound was the tree rustle; I noticed after I rendered that the tree shake was possibly a little too subtle for some to noticed so I added the sound as an audio cue.

PRJ350 Final

This is my 'final' for PRJ350. Not as happy with this as I could have been, apart from the obvious texture issues on the character. Next time I'll remember not to use a scene from the semester before, and to start from scratch. My scene hygiene was horrible just one semester ago, and the limitations imposed on the specific assignment that it originated from invariably carried over to this semester (unless I had started from scratch).

Someday I intend to fix the unwrap and texture that I lost halfway through animating, probably sooner than later depending on weather this will give me a passing grade or not.

Haven't posted in FOREVER... in the next few days though, I should be putting my stuff up, from classes and game team. For now, here's my final animation for ANI350.