20 October, 2009

More Prj 300 progress

So the scene is getting closer to being done. Added textures to the light fixture, record player, and candles, as well as worked on the lighting and materials in general. This render is from the part of the scene where the door opens and sheds some hall light in... maybe later before it's finished I'll describe what goes on in the scene. Still need to finish texturing the desk in the back and I need to put in picture frames or posters as well. Then the character.....

19 October, 2009

Prj 300 progress

So after a weekend of constant work, my scene is unwrapped and partly textured. The desk, record player, candles, wine bottle, and ceiling light still need to be textured and I'm thinking about putting in some posters or something on the walls to fill out the room. Also, I plan on creating some little fire shaped objects with some glow on them, since as it is the candle light is coming out from nowhere. The final thing I plan on doing is adding some sparse moon light on the window sill, and reflecting it from the glass and metal objects.

No character model yet, sorry Chun. This schedule is bananas.

16 October, 2009

Ani 300 thingy

I'm retarded right now but I think it's considered an animatic. Blocked in key frames and such, not quite done with the blocking yet.

Photoshop stuff

One for fun, one for Layout class. Both unfinished.

09 October, 2009

Photoshop fun

So I decided to play around in photoshop, something that is not school related. It's been forever since I did a digital study from life and it was really fun. Think I'll be doing this more often! Approximately an hour.

02 October, 2009

Ani 300 work

Right... so here's a video made for Ani 300 in 3D Max. For those not in the know, the point was to animate a solid, inanimate object, with no more than one point of articulation, and to attempt to infuse character and life into it. I would rather create something with a little more intrigue, but I suppose it's a good exercise. I've been hearing by degrees that some employers are actually becoming less interested with walk and run cycles, because they are so prevalent and safe. I'll try to keep that in mind when compiling portfolio pieces in the future!