20 September, 2010

Quasai Final Short

Well, it's practically in presentable form. All I need to do is give it another run through in after effects to fix the title and add some credits, which leads me to the icing on the cake - a professional quality pass at audio from Mikkel Nielsen, a.k.a. Gim-audio, a sound designer from Denmark whom I've been in communique with since he saw my short and expressed interest. It's been a pleasure, and it looks like we'll be working together again soon, once my senior project gets into gear. Follow his blog and look at his other works here, at http://gim-audio.blogspot.com/.

Super excited to have him do the sound for our senior project short, which so far is coming together nicely. If we do well on our end, the addition of solid and effective sound could really push it to a high level of polish!