12 February, 2013

Not dead....

     It's that time folks, for my bi-annual post! Though recent trends suggest annual. Will things be different this time? Will I begin to post more frequently now? Who knows! The most exciting part is the anticipation. What's so exciting about art blogs that update regularly, where you have a good idea of what to expect and when? That's predictable. If you want suspense ('What happened? Is he on a spirit walk? Did he forget how to read words?'), then this blog will deliver.

     Today I bring you a logo created for Sword vs. Axe, AKA SvA, a small studio in early production on their first game. For this I was given an initial concept to work from (the old logo) and a set of desired specs, such as the spinning compass, sword/axe entrance, specular flares, etc. This was quite fun to do, because I got to  model and sculpt, texture, light and animate, on a project that was small enough to stay interesting the whole time.

     I'm currently freelancing with SvA on their first title, so hopefully soon I can share what else I've been doing for them so far, that is related to the game itself. More updates in the near future, or possibly the far, far distant future. So everybody HOLD YOUR BREATH!

Company logo created for SVA, aka Sword vs. Axe. Handled all aspects, apart from original logo concept.

© 2012 Sword Vs Axe LLC

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